Forgotten Traveler is our latest game in development. Select your space ship and explore the galaxy. Fly into meteor fields and pick up shields to deflect them, avoid space debris, avoid neutron stars and black holes.Pick up stars and coins and upgrade your ship.

The game features two types of levels, exploration and battle levels. In the explorations levels you explore the galaxy for money, blueprints for new ships and other power ups. In the battle levels you fight other enemy ships for gold and experience using the ships and upgrades you found during the exploration levels.

Current features

Exploration levels

1. Spaceships

The spaceship is the player character, you move it by holding left or right on your screen ( holding left moves the spaceship left and vice versa) . Currently we have 4 spaceships each with different stats ( move speed, turn rate etc...). You can choose your spaceship from the hanger to start of the level, in the demo we have 4 ships and all are unlocked for testing and showcase purposes.

2. Meteor fields

While exploring the galaxy you will find dense meteor patches of two colors, one is red other blue. This are filled with various meteors and in other to pass though them, you will need to have a shield.

3. Shields

There are two types of shields blue and red, and they are used to deflect the meteors in the meteor fields, blue shield reflects blue meteors, red shield reflects red meteors. Shields are the only way you can pass thought meteor fields

4. Warp drives

Frequently you will encounter abandoned warp drives while exploring the galaxy, moving though this will give you a temporary speed boost.

5. Black holes

Rarely you will encounter black holes, getting close near one will stop your movement, very useful for taming your movement.

6. Anomalies

Anomalies can come intro different variants and colors, some are moving others are stationary, touching an anomaly will destroy your space ship.

7. Debris

There is lot of debris in the galaxy, destroyed satellites and spaceships, crashing into this will destroy your spaceship.

8. Pulsars

Rarely you will encounters pulsars in the galaxy,  they should out beams of energy and getting hit by one or touch the star it self will destroy your spaceship.

9. Coins

They are 3 types of coins, bronze, silver and gold, each give you score, they are scattered across the galaxy, picking them up gives you money which can be used to upgrade your spaceship.

10. Stars

They are 3 stars per level, picking them up will give you lot of score, and they are used to unlock new words and levels.

11. Meteor showers

These meteors are blazing hot and coming toward you, they cannot be destroyed or deflected by the shield, you have to avoid them.

Shooting levels

In the battle levels your spaceship moves slower and can shoot, you are confronted with enemy ships and you have to fight your way out. We have numerous battle levels and +10 types of enemy ships with different attack patterns.

Big thanks to your designer Jin9310 for making the game assets and the cover image.

The game is in alpha stage of development, the version you see is not final and it's been constantly upgraded and improved. New features added weekly.

You can follow our development progress: 



Any donation is highly appreciated!!!

Development log


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